Values of Aghine Tabaristan : Respect for customers Looking for innovation Commitment to customers Attention to ethics at work Preservation of natural resources and protection of the environment Easy portability Custom production capability

At the beginning, by jumping from the description of the activity of this group after its birth and mentioning the work records, we will discuss the production of polyethylene tanks, how it has reached its special position in these days of the rotomolding industry by trying and overcoming many challenges.

Introduction us

Aghineh Tabaristan Complex, which used to operate under the name of Aghineh Tabaristan Machinery Complex, with more than two decades of activity in various industrial fields, today, in addition to extending its activity in the field of manufacturing parts and industrial machines, molds and rotomurling devices, as a tank production factory Polyethylene continues to work.
In the following, due to the constant follow-up of the companys managers to continuously increase the quality and supply of products with affordable prices for consumers and competitive rates for agents and representatives compared to other tanks in the market with different brands, it has been another step in this upward trend; To the extent that this group has become a small part of the big ones in this field, and following this trend, Agineh Tabaristan tanks have emerged as one of the main competitors for the big giants of this industry.
In order to achieve its goals, which is to provide and meet the needs of customers in the field of drinking water storage, transporting and moving chemicals, and replacing plastic instead of metal, etc., Azhineh Tabaristan has had acceptable success so far.
In order to satisfy the customers, this complex has established and launched the second phase of the factory in a larger area and with a very high production capacity and variety, which will be put into operation in the near future.

Our vision

The vision of Agineh Tabaristan is to improve the quality of products and customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this goal, the factory cooperated with a group of researchers and elites of the rotomolding industry to improve the production processes, and with innovations in the field of technology and new production methods, in response to the needs of its customers, it tried to expand products and increase production. has its own


Agineh Tabaristan Complex is a production company that operates in the field of production and supply of polyethylene products. This company seeks to improve production processes and increase productivity with the aim of producing high quality and competitive products in the market. Our main mission is to meet the needs of customers in the field of high-quality and reliable polyethylene products. To achieve this goal, the company has put on its agenda the improvement of production processes, the increase of entrepreneurship and innovation in the modern industry.
Agineh Tabaristan complex should play an effective role in the global market by maintaining and increasing the quality of its products in order to increase the amount of its exports.


1. Agineh Tabaristan Complex is always trying to satisfy its customers.
2. Agineh Tabaristan Complex pays attention to the quality of its products and services and always tries to improve the quality of its products.
3. Agineh Tabaristan Complex is looking for innovation in its field of activity and is trying to respond to the needs of its customers by using new technologies.
4. Agineh Tabaristan Complex considers its commitment to customers, employees and society as a responsible company.
5. Agineh Tabaristan complex pays special attention to cooperation and positive interaction with colleagues, customers and society.
6. Agineh Tabaristan complex pays attention to ethics in work and behavior with customers, colleagues and society.
7. Agineh Tabaristan complex pays attention to sustainability in its activity area, preservation of natural resources and environmental protection. The products have a high recycling capability, which is considered as a sustainable method to preserve the environment and reduce the amount of waste.
8. The products of Agineh Tabaristan complex are easy to transport due to their lightness and are suitable for use in different regions of the country.
9. This industrial unit has the ability to produce polyethylene products on order, and this issue has caused interaction with customers and efforts to gain satisfaction and provide their opinions.

year of record

History Activity

Agineh Tabaristan Complex as one of the leading companies in the country's rotational molding industry and the manufacture of machines for the rotomolding industry


Company registration

Agineh Tabaristan Company was registered in 1379 under the registration number 3374 of the Companies and Industrial Property Registration Department and started its activity with the intention of supplying and producing machines, molds and accessories for the rotomolding industry..


development plan

In 1988, the company began producing polyethylene tanks based on the managers' experiences participated efficiently. Our production started with the production of 100 liter tanks in horizontal and vertical forms Weta continues to operate today and the volume of our tanks has increased to 5500 liters.


receive ISO

Ajineh Tabaristan started implementing the quality management system based on the international standard ISO 9001: 2008 since 1990..