Warranty conditions : and after-sales service

Warranty conditions:

    Avoid throwing away the separate tank.
    Avoid sharp objects hitting the tank.
    Do not use the tank to carry liquids by car.
    Avoid placing heavy objects on the tank.
    Avoid placing foreign objects under the tank.
    Avoid installing the tank on a slope.
    The bottom surface of the tank must be completely smooth, strong and level.
    Tanks cannot be used under pressure.
    Be sure to consult the company's experts to store chemicals.

Agineh Tabaristan complex, following the creation of a development plan for the satisfaction of customers, has established and launched the second phase of the factory in a larger area and with a very high production capacity and variety, which will be put into operation in the near future.

Ability and values: Always trying to satisfy our customers Seeking innovation and using new technologies Special attention to cooperation and positive interaction with colleagues, customers and society Ability to produce completely customized polyethylene products

It has the ability to produce polyethylene products on a customized basis, and this issue has caused interaction with customers and efforts to gain satisfaction and provide their opinions..